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High Connect Air Charter and Travel Services is a portal for business and private travellers.
At High Connect we aim to seamlessly integrate all your travel requirements every time, all the time and to provide individuals and businesses with simplified experiences that improve productivity through multiple online effectiveness tools.

Whether individuals, groups or whole organizations, your budget considerations, company travel guidelines and itinerary constraints are taken into account.
Our approach is built on proactive market research, industry intelligence, bespoke data management and above all, a high level of service.

Provide Advice and Guides

Quick, Smart & Great Solutions

We treat you as an individual, not a booking reference.


Discover, plan and book your perfect trip with expert advice, travel guides, destination information and inspiration from High Connect Team. We are specialized in the below destinations but we can also organize services all over Greece, mainland and islands.

Products & Services


High Connect will present to you the most appropriate hotels and accommodation properties according to your market star rating and customer needs...


We can serve guests in all our destinations, whether the passengers are from packaging, transfer brokers or offline tour operators. We have high volumes of passengers so High Connect can be very competitive and select our providers very carefully...

Excursions and Activities

Excursions are one the most exciting parts of a vacation. We make sure we provide the best excursion products by offering a complete and constantly updated catalogue...

Yield Support

Being in constant contact with our Tour Operators and theirs needs, we are helping them at each moment to fulfil their commitment charter seats providing extra allocations with short release...

Air Charter

In all areas we work we pride ourselves in providing the "Optimum Solution"


Our experience, knowledge, databases of airlines and operators worldwide is the assurance that your requirements will be in capable hands...


Connecting with airlines 24 hours a day ensures we remain constantly aware of aircraft location and availability...


As the World of Aviation moves at speed and Tourism Growth demands more and more Charter Services, we have been organized to provide you any type of air charter and Tourism Services...


Our approach is built on proactive market research, industry intelligence, bespoke data management and above all, a high standard of service...

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