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High Connect Air Charter and Travel Services is a portal for business and private travellers.
At High Connect we aim to seamlessly integrate all your travel requirements every time, all the time and to provide individuals and businesses with simplified experiences that improve productivity through multiple online effectiveness tools.

Whether individuals, groups or whole organizations, your budget considerations, company travel guidelines and itinerary constraints are taken into account.
Our approach is built on proactive market research, industry intelligence, bespoke data management and above all, a high level of service.

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We treat you as an individual, not a booking reference.

Private Jets - Travel in luxury!

If you have traveled first class on a commercial airline, you have just a small taste of the personal comfort and convenience an Air Charter company offers. Privacy is one of the key reasons most high-level executives choose to fly air charter. When you are discussing private matters, the last thing you need to worry about is who sits next to you!


We will find for you the perfect aircraft with the most efficient schedule to fit your requirement without any stress...


Air taxi is a modern and comfort air travel option that makes life better for smart travelers. We fly from regional airports, closer to your home or office, and bring you directly to your destination of choice...


An Air Ambulance is defined as an aircraft used for Emergency Medical Assistance in situations where either a road ambulance cannot reach the location quickly enough or not at all, or the patient needs to be transported over a distance that makes air transportation a much more effective solution...


High Connect ensures hiring helicopter through the network for you, offering high professional level. Priority is passenger satisfaction...

Commercial Jets

High Connect will become Your Next Charter Partner. Charter services driven by our integrity and ability to innovate. As we are able to search the market and to provide you the best solutions that meet and exceed your demands, your timings and your budget. We tailor your needs and we will give you the flexibility of a charter flight when we will never compromise your safety. Looking forward to serve your needs.


Enjoy the Benefits of a Charter Flight
Air Charter refers to a variety of services available that allow individuals, corporations, or groups to charter airplanes for their use.
Charter flights are inherently much more convenient than flying on commercial airlines, with direct flights to nearly any where in the world.Charter flights, unlike scheduled flights, don’t operate to a strict schedule, but tailor the flight itinerary to your needs.


High Connect arranges charter flights on the widest range of commercial jets. The aircraft below are divided into aircraft types under which you can find more detailed information about the large range of charter aircraft available to you.
If you require any advice or further information, our Commercial Jets team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Air Charter Services


We charter aircraft types; our experience, knowledge, databases of airlines and operators worldwide is reassurance that your requirements will be in capable hands. People with an understanding of aircraft operating costs, local market conditions and intelligence, provide invaluable advice to clients, helping to evaluate enquiries and create positive results.

Connecting with airlines 24 hours a day ensures we remain constantly aware of aircraft location and availability. Our database of available aircraft is regularly updated to provide a swift response to your needs.

It’s important to us that we understand the broader aspects of our clients’ business. We see our role as not only providing specific charter services, but establishing added value opportunities where applicable. As a result we enjoy long-term relationships with our clients, built on trust and confidence in our abilities.

In all areas we work we pride ourselves in providing the "Optimum Solution"

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